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Waterproofing Can Save Millions of Dollars

Water damage can cost you an arm and a leg if not dealt with as soon as it happens. When water penetrates into your residential property, it can have damaging effects, such as deterioration of the concrete foundation of the building, damage to the furniture as well as peeling off of paint. Water penetration can have damaging effects on the residential property.

Why You Should Hire Water Damage Restoration Experts

The first step towards restoring your building that is damaged by water is hiring an expert of waterproofing. Besides these contractors doing a great job, they will save you money by using economical solutions. They will also advise you on how to deal with concrete cancer, especially on maintaining your concrete foundation to avoid any further damage in the future.

Effects of Water Damage

You can tell if the concrete is exposed to water if the following signs are prevalent:

� Leaking
� Cracking
� Discoloration
� Swelling of concrete that can lead to the growth of mold

Now, the mold is a big threat to the human health. If you, therefore, notice that your house is growing mold, it is best to find a real solution to the problem from professional mold remediation experts. As for leaking concrete, you should have it waterproofed because leaking concrete is not only a health risk, but it can also cost you a bundle in terms of money through personal property damage.

Sealing Leaky Concrete

building construction worker pouring cement or concrete with pump tube

building construction worker pouring cement or concrete with pump tube

There are many methods of sealing your leaking concrete and one of them is using of sealers. Concrete sealers are divided into two main categories:

� Penetrating sealers: These sealers get into the concrete and do not cause any visible effects. While they are easy to apply, they require that they are regularly applied to ensure protection to the foundation.
� Coating sealers: These sealers protect your concrete by forming a film over it.

Besides using sealers, crystalline waterproofing can be used to reseal leaky concrete. Crystalline waterproofing involves adding crystalline compounds to the concrete. This compound reacts with water and air and fills gaps and cracks in it.

The waterproofing membrane technique involves the use of liquid membranes, which is applied with a roller, spray guns, or paint brush. This method is used to repair the concrete membrane.

Cementitious waterproofing is also used in re-sealing concrete. This method is very effective for repairing concrete path. Materials used in this method are easily available, and they are:

� Cement-based products
� Adhesives
� Water to offer integrity to the foundation

If the concrete of your house has been damaged by water, hiring an expert is a great achievement that ensures that you keep your money in the pocket. However, do your homework well when hiring a water damage contractor, as by so doing you are guaranteed great work without causing further damage.

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