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The 7-Day Mental Diet

Posted on January 4, 2015 | No Comments on The 7-Day Mental Diet

5 Tips for Developing Your Positive Thinking (taught by Tony Robbins)

It can be a challenge to constantly keep ‘developing the ability to think positively’ at the forefront of your thoughts. Have you ever had one of those days when something went totally wrong, and then everything else seems to spiral out of control as well?

If so, you’re not alone. Everyone has had days like that. However, if you know the proper steps to take you can counteract this negative progression and gain some control over your life. After I listened to Tony Robbins, the positive Guru himself, I made note of 5 invaluable tips for developing positive thinking toward your business, relationships, and your life in general.

(1). Daily practice his “7 day Mental Diet“.

Tony stated that he discovered this process in a small booklet he found while in need of some positive attitude developing himself. This idea is to make a solid COMMITMENT to your next 7 days, and not let yourself dwell on any negative thoughts WHATSOEVER.

Of course we don’t want to be unrealistic. We know that negative thoughts will always come to mind. However, we can take control over how we react to them. If we get up in the morning and stub our toe, and let out a shrieking 4-letter word, we simply acknowledge it and quickly say “I didn’t mean that”. Then we immediately replace that thought with something positive, like “If that hadn’t happened something worse may have been waiting, so I’m glad for it.” You getting the idea?

(2). Make it a Point to choose Curiosity over Judgment.

Today we live in a very judgmental society. People are always judging other people in an attempt to make them feel better about who and what they are. The only problem with that is it doesn’t work. It may give some temporary boost in the ego, but down deep inside people still hate themselves, so they keep on finding things to judge other people for.

STOP THE MADNESS! If you choose to commit to NOT JUDGING people for the next 7 days, and instead replace the judging with curiosity and a wondering about what makes those people act like they do, you can change the judging habit.

I have personally applied this strategy myself years ago. My boyfriend was secretly seeing another girl (who I knew), and I believed her to be a real #@@@##***. But when I applied this new approach for developing a positive attitude toward her, it not only kept my attitude positive, but I realized I was happier too. I noticed that even ‘SHE’ treated me better when my attitude changed.

(3). Find something you can appreciate in somebody else daily, and develop the habit of giving out complements.

I admit this one will take a little bit of focus as well as persistence. That’s because we as humans are normally caught up in focusing on our own personal problems and activities. Looking at things from a renewed attitude, I can see that these principles can actually work miracles by getting the focus off yourself so you really can develop your powers of positive thinking.

(4). Accept that you’re not perfect and stop trying to be.

This may sound a bit odd at first. We tend to always be going around being ‘mad’ at ourselves. The fact is, we’re all human and far from perfect. Once you admit it and receive it as fact, knowing you’re prone to mistakes, it’s like the weight of the world has been lifted. Try embracing yourself rather than being critical. Always ask yourself what you can learn from each situation and circumstance.

Tony Robbins stated something very profound that has really changed my thinking, “Quality questions will create a quality life. People who find success ask better questions, and that’s why they receive better answers”.

(5). Always have Faith and Believe.

It’s faith that keeps us going. The only reason anyone has trust in your or gives you any credit, is because they have placed their faith in you. Faith needs to be given to others as you go through life. The more you have faith in other people, the more you will find they have faith in you.

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