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Making The Right Choice Among Chicken Coop Designs

July 21, 2014 Category :Home & Family 0

Four Perfect Chicken Coop Designs

chicken house equipmentAnyone who wants to build a perfect chicken coop can find a vast array of chicken coop designs online. The only question is knowing what kind to build and which ones to avoid. It will help you to know that many of the available plans are not well thought out designs, and they can end up costing you a lot of money. The following four suggestions will help you to avoid wasting time and money on the wrong plans.

1. Easy to Clean – Be sure the design you want to build will not be hard to clean. Many designers have not taken that factor into consideration. Any blueprint for chicken coop designs should portray floors that slope downward from back to front. This ensures that the water will run off easily when you hose the coop floors, so they will be clean and dry in a short time and the chickens will not stand in water.

2. Proper Ventilation – The proper flow of air is essential to all plans. If the air is stagnant it will affect the health of your chickens and cause the coop to have a bad odor. Check the design to see that the door is made with some type of wire mesh and that it has screened windows you can easily slide open to ventilate your coop.

3. Adequate Lighting – All chicken coop designs should include adequate lighting. Hanging lights high, close to the ceiling, will provide light for your chickens and a bit of warmth for them as well.

4. Use Quality Materials – To protect your chickens from weather events and predators, you will need good, sturdy materials for your coop. Make sure the wire mesh for doors and windows is strong and thick. Use strong boards for the rest of the coop to give the chickens proper shelter and keep natural enemies from chewing through flimsy material.

When you are considering which choices to make among the various chicken coop designs, think about the above four tips and suggestions. There are other considerations, but these ideas will help you to get started. If you do a bit of research and give some thought to factors such as how many chickens you will house and the location of your coop, you will be able to make a good, informed decision about which design you want to use that will be best for your purposes.

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